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Obesity Control!

Any animal whose body weight is 15% or more than it should be, suffers from obesity.

  • Obesity is a disease and it predisposes your pet to so many other diseases, including:
  • .Diabetes           糖尿病
    .Heart disease 心臟病
    .High blood pressure 高血壓
    .Arthritis                         風濕關節炎
    .Heat intolerance         容易中暑
    .Fatty liver                      脂肪肝
    .Increased surgical/ anaesthetic risk 增加麻醉及手術風險
    .Decreased resistance to common diseases 抵抗力下降
    .Slower recovery from illness.      如有患病,痊瘉時間較長

Latest news

  • 15 mar2017
    Grooming 美容服務
    Posted by Sum Wong
    Our professional groomers offer a full range of grooming services; pamper your pet with a "Full Professional Grooming" or "Special Clipping". Other options include gentle shampooing, nail clipping, a trim between the paw pads, ear cleaning, brush or coat clipping and scissoring.
    For bookings and enquiries regarding our Grooming Services Please contact us
  • 05 apr2017
    Lost - How can i do!? 寵物遺失應急
    Posted by Sum Wong
    1. Make a police report at the nearest police station and obtain a copy of the report.  2. Report your lost pet to the AFCD Animal management centres 1823.
    1.聯絡就近署備案,並取得報告副本。 2.向 AFCD 動物管理中心報失1823。